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Çıralı, the hidden gem of the Mediterranean – Are you thinking about a vacation in Olympos? We will be glad to offer you an enjoyable, peaceful and safe stay.

Our pension has 14 rooms with 35 beds. We offer a comfortable and peaceful stay to our guests in family bungalows, suite bungalows and standard bungalows. All our rooms feature air-conditioner, television and a mini-bar.

Rose Pension is built on a 3200 m2-large area. Our pension is 100 meters to Çıralı, Olympos coast; 1 km to the ancient city of Olympos; 800 meters to Yanartas (Chimaera), the flaming stone; 20 km to Tekirova; 35 km to Kemer and 100 km to Antalya airport.

You can lounge on the hammocks in our lush garden for hours and have some rest or read a book in a deep silence.

You can practice yoga in Rose Bungalow. Get into contact for details.

Rose Bungalov Hakkında

You can see the natural beauty Chimaera flaming stones in Çıralı. Çıralı is named after Chimaera, which is mentioned in Greek mythology. Our pension is 3 km to Chimaera. You can easily go there on foot or by car. We strongly recommend you to visit the place.

Olympos is a port town located between Kemer and Adrasan in the Hellenistic Period. You can go from Çıralı to Olympos by walking on the coast. Our pension is 2 km to Olympos.  


Our pension is built on a 3200 m2-large area. Our garden is decorated with tens of fruits trees including grape, mulberry, pomegranate, banana, orange, tangerine, lemon, grapefruit, apple, plum and avocado as well as other plants and vegetables, which will help you fulfill your longing for a greenery area.

There are 7 pavilions, hammocks, lounges, volleyball courts and table tennis area in our garden. We haven’t forgot your beloved ones, either. We have a playground where your kids can play with sand and do activities such as roller-skating and swinging.

Rose Bungalov yoga çıralı Rose Bungalov hakkında

Çıralı Coast, the hidden gem of the Mediterranean, became number one in Europe in 2003 and number one in the World in 2006. You can see the baby Caretta carettas on our 3500 meters-long coast in summer months. Caretta caretta turtles visit our coast from May until September. Our pension has lounges and umbrellas on the coast, which are offered to our guests free of charge. Çıralı bay is pristine and clear. You can easily see the bottom of the sea and the pebbles. Our pension is on the front road, 2 minutes to the coast.


Grilled foods as well as local dishes are available in our pension. You can order any dish in our pension for breakfast, lunch, dinner and any other time you desire. We use organic vegetables from our garden to prepare your dishes. We are sure you’ll like the local foods made with all-natural vegetables.